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How it works

Chair Massage With Wu

I'm a friendly and passionate about what I do. I create a time and space for relaxation amidst the stress, deadlines and heavy workload; bringing busy workers back to a sense of calm by relieving stress and rejuvenating body and mind. When the morning coffee hit has worn off and workers are suffering from sore necks and backs from too many hours at the desk, you are faced with unhappy and unproductive colleagues. Revive your employees with an in-office massage to relieve tension and create a positive, peaceful and productive working environment.

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we will customise a package to suit your schedule, culture and budget

Choose the space – Massage can take place almost anywhere: A break area, office or meeting room. A quiet location is best.

Choose the time and frequency – We have an online scheduling option, so employees can book, amend and cancel appointments

Choose to have a massage on a regular basis or on a one time basis, as a reward, a bonus or during a particularly demanding time.

Choose the payment structure

  • Company pays 100%
  • Employee pays 100%
  • The company and the employee split the cost


About me

Why we do what we do…The idea behind Wu Massage…
Having come from a corporate background, we at Wu understand that the workplace can be stressful – and stress has a big impact on people’s performance, engagement and attendance at work; it’s difficult to give your best when you don’t feel your best. Back pain, headaches and shoulder tension sound familiar? With on-site massage, you can expect to feel calmer, more positive, with reduced aches and pains and increased focus. All this can be achieved with no fuss; we arrive equipped with ergonomically designed massage chair and require only a small, quiet office or space. Each massage lasts 10 – 30 minutes and is performed over the clothes, without the need for oils. The deep tissue, advanced techniques used are based on Japanese massage, targeting stress points on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. With over 6 years experience, you can rest assured that everyone will be looking forward to next time!

Karen Warrington